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Archaeologists Discover The Tomb of Ancient Alien ‘Gilgamesh’ in Iraq

I’m sure all of you’ve heard about the “Epic Of Gilgamesh”. Gilgamesh was a king who ruled over the city of Uruk.

In 2013, just before the Iraq invasion carried on by the Americans, some amazing discoveries were made

Accordingly, there are rumors according to which Americans were accused of confiscating many of those discoveries because of their importance.

In 2003, professor Jorg Fassbinder claimed to have discovered the grave of Gilgamesh, since it looks extraordinarily similar to the one depicted in the “Epic Of Gilgamesh”. According to the epic, Gilgamesh is told to have been buried in a tomb under the Euphrates.

However, it seems that the excavation had to be stopped due to the numerous conflicts of the nation.

Nevertheless, a group of onlookers apparently managed to record the event and leak it in numerous places across the internet. Shortly after, Americans got there and seized the find.