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Archaeologists Won’t Touch These Things – It’s Out of Their Understanding

There are tons of secrets of the past that seem to have been forgotten with time. A lot of us believe that just because we don’t have the answer to it that means that aliens did it all along, but there are plenty of people that disagree with this.

People like Brien Foerster constantly try to debunk and explain everything that they see. His most recent statement was that the ancient Romans, Incas, and Egyptians used the same technique to build the insane structures which we see today.

They would pour concrete into forms and create huge symmetrical shaped stones which would then be used for constructions.

This would make the process way easier and it is how we tend to build things to this day, but assuming that the people of the past had access to such knowledge how come we don’t have any proof of it? The theory does fit, it explains a lot and leaves very little to the imagination.

Carrying 10 to 100 tons of rocks is really unrealistic, to say the least so it does explain everything to a tee. Geologists even support this theory as they uncovered the fact that this was possible thanks to their electronic microscopes.

We still don’t have all the answers, but that’s fine because every day we get closer and closer to finding the truth.