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“I saw a nine-foot Alien walking on the Space Shuttle”, claims a NASA veteran

Clark C. McClelland has a strange origin story. He professes to have seen NASA space explorers interface with a 9-foot tall outsider. McClelland professes to have worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida as a rocket administrator. He was a piece of north of 650 missions during his profession, including the Mercury and Apollo missions, as well as the Space Shuttle program.

He was an observer to a close to experience between NASA space travelers and a transcending extraterrestrial during one of the Space Shuttle missions. McClelland was watching the mission from his work area at the Kennedy Launch Control Center, as indicated by his story, when he saw something he wasn’t intended to see: “While on the job in the Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control Center, I, Clark C.

McClelland, previous ScO [Spacecraft Operator], Space Shuttle Fleet, straightforwardly saw a 8 to 9 foot tall ET on his 27 inch TV shows (LCC). “The ET was standing erect in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay, speaking with two fastened NASA space explorers from the United States! On my showcases, I could likewise see the ET’s spaceship, which was in a steady, safe circle to the back of the Space Shuttle fundamental motor units.

Picture for authentic reason as it were “I remained there for just about one moment and seven seconds watching things occur. I had a lot of opportunity to recall what I was seeing. He said on his site, “It was an ET and extraterrestrial starship.” McClelland claims he could never have been mixed up, guaranteeing that his experience qualifies him for “visual location of space apparatus fabricated and flown by humankind, whether mysterious or in any case.”

He asserts that he wasn’t the main authority there at the gathering. After the occasion, a mate let him know that he had seen a similar extraterrestrial inside the group compartment of the bus. On the Space Shuttle, Clark McLelland sits (Picture NASA) “Outsiders are here on Earth, and they stroll among us,” McLelland adds. They might have penetrated our different Earth legislatures.”

NASA has offered no open comments dismissing his work, and he has photos and documentation to back up his cases of a long profession with the office. He proceeds, “NASA is definitely not a regular citizen organization:” “NASA is claimed by the Pentagon. A portion of the DoD (Department of Defense) missions in which I participated were characterized. TS Satellites and other space mission gear were moved into space on those missions, and some staff experienced ETs.