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“Leaked footage” of mythical “Black Knight” UFO hounding ISS emerges

AN ALLEGED leaked video of the so-called ’Black Knight UFO’ tailing the International Space Station (ISS) has emerged online despite the existence of the mythical ’alien satellite’ being successfully debunked just months ago.

The myth of an ancient alien satellite orbiting Earth had been developing for many years, but it took off in 1998 after NASA released images of a thermal blanket being dropped by astronauts working on a space shuttle.

The images were later hijacked by hoaxers who claimed they showed a mysterious alien satellite and the story snowballed.

Last summer revealed how an amateur sleuth had debunked the myth and proved the ’satellite’ was a blanket during an 11-minute long YouTube novice video.

NASAThe 1998 release by NASA of the dropped thermal blanket images caused a legend to spiral

But in the new video released by YouTube channel Section 51 2.0, the object which looks like a shrunken version of one of the most famous NASA thermal blanket images, is filmed from various angles following the ISS.

The clip is entitled ’ISS films the Black Knight Satellite UFO very close to Soyuz spacecraft – January 2016.’

YouTube channel Section 51 2.0 releases several alleged UFO videos of such good quality that it is repeatedly accused of broadcasting hoaxes which have been digitally-created.

It claims the new footage was leaked out of Russia after being filmed in January by the ISS’s own cameras very close to the Russian Souyez spacecraft which was delivering supplies.