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NASA Knew About These Strange Alien Structures Located On The Moon – Some Photos Prove This

You’re a space agency, and you’re well aware that the public expects high-resolution photos of the Moon’s surface. So, what exactly do you do? Bring out your trusty airbrush!

The Deep Space Program Science Experiment, formally known as Clementine, was successfully launched in 1994 as part of a collaborative mission between NASA and the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO).

The 500-pound spacecraft positioned itself in lunar orbit one month after launch and began sending photographs of our satellite’s surface. Clementine, equipped with cutting-edge photography technology, was able to take high-resolution photographs of the Moon’s crust. And it had plenty of opportunities to collect useful data over its 300+ orbits.

When the Navy published its initial batch of photographs, those on the ground who expected to see high-resolution images were taken aback. They had a lot of pixelation and were low quality. The photographs made accessible to the general public were in gif format, and little detail could be retrieved from them. What gives? they questioned themselves.

How could the best available format returned back by a $200 million piece of space technology be fuzzy images? For years, the whole incident remained a mystery. People gradually realized, however, that the photos they were provided had evident traces of manipulation and editing. Several regions of lunar importance had been artificially blocked out as if NASA and the Navy were concealing something.