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These Researchers Released The Most Convincing UFO Photo In History

A metal disk is seen in a crisp, high-resolution shot acquired from a small aircraft flying above the Costa Rican rainforest.

“The most compelling UFO shot ever,” according to the high-resolution image. Only 50 years after the occurrence, the photograph was published.

Sergio Loayza, an aerial photographer, employed a unique mapping camera while flying above Costa Rica.

The major objective was to survey the area prior to the building of a hydroelectric power project near the Arenal volcano in the country’s northern highlands.

Loaiza captured many high-quality photographs of Lake Kot and the surrounding jungle at 20-second intervals while the plane passed over it at a height of around 3 kilometers.

A shining metal disc can be seen in one clip at the 8:25 am time, which ufologists say looks like a classic “flying saucer.” The mysterious item appears to have flown between Loaiza’s twin-engine Aero Commander F680 and the ground.

The item is only visible in frame 300 of the sequence of images; it is not visible in the film’s prior frame or the one shot immediately after.

Valli and Haynes published “A Photo Analysis of an Air Disk over Costa Rica” in the Journal of Scientific Exploration: Science and Technology in 1989.

“The photograph is genuine, and the object is not the product of an error.” Our investigation led to the following findings: in the photo, we can see an opaque anomalous air item shot at a distance of less than 3 kilometers from the camera lens.