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This Four-Legged Dark Creature Sprang Out Of Nowhere On Mars, And NASA’s Rover Discovered It.

This shot was taken by the Mars Opportunity Rover, as the title says, and it’s easy to understand why it’s garnered so much attention.

Experts couldn’t help but connect this four-legged animal to a bear from our planet as it brushed by the camera.

Of course, we all know that this is impossible, but it’s fascinating to consider whether life on Mars and life on Earth have any parallels.

We know that the aliens that lived on Mars for the most part were humanoid, so why wouldn’t bear-like beings dwell there as well?

The shot itself is also extremely nice; unlike most others, you can clearly see the contour of the object and that it isn’t simply a random camera malfunction.

Of course, some doubters said that this was simply another example of pareidolia, but that’s irrelevant, to say the least, because we could give these individuals a genuine extraterrestrial and they’d still find reasons to complain at the end of the day.

Many scientists have speculated that this may be one of Mars’ final relics, however this is highly improbable given the number of interactions we’ve discovered on the planet to yet.