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Thousands Witnessed What Appears to be UFO Over New Jersey (4 videos)

The more time passes the more encounters we catch on tape. Is this because we are actually reaching the point where they can no longer elude us or is it because we’ve accepted the concept of aliens into our society to the point where they no longer feel the need to keep the secret? We may never know for sure.

What we do know however is that this most recent sighting had thousands of eyewitnesses on the scene. It all happened on September 14th as all of these people spotted the UFO floating over the New Jersey area.

This UFO was apparently around 30 meters in the air and it hovered over multiple parts of the city. This day, as mentioned previously, it floated about in full view for a long time, long enough for thousands of people to spot it.

The UFO in itself looked like a military TR3B and although it wasn’t a disk as we’ve come to expect from them, it was a triangle all along.

Experts have begun wondering why no military jets have been intercepting this foreign flying spacecraft, which is why they’ve begun wondering whether this could be an unannounced advanced version of the TR3B after all.

There are also experts that believe that the UFO could be using some sort of jamming technology that could be eluding their radars although that’s still pretty unlikely considering how big the aircraft really is. Check out the video yourself, it’s quite jarring, to say the least.