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Two Of The Three Prophecies Of The Hopi Tribe Were Fulfilled.

The Hopi tribe had predicted the coming of Red Kachina (Nibiru aka sun’s twin) and stated that the Red Kachina would paint the sky with red colour, and we will know that the purifications will start to begin. But before that, a blue star (Blue Kachina) and a twin comet will pass the earth. With the recent passage of the twin, comet people have pointed out that this prediction has come true, and it is an indication that the Purifier (Nibiru) will be coming soon.

Indian council of elders for years warned America and the world. Nobody listens to them as yet. This forecasts the mystical tribe Hopi Indians. Their visions shamans are recorded on stone tablets that they, in their words thousands of years ago gave their cosmic teachers Kachina.

Many people do not know about the Hopi tribe, these are ancient native American Indians who live in North East Arizona. They have a rich indigenous culture and are considered to be the very spiritually enlightened. ANCIENT HOPI PROPHECY
Prophercy Hopi Indians to Them by Their Words Thousands of Years Ago Gave Their Cosmic Teachers Kachina

When the Hopi Indians arrived scientists to investigate the age of stone plates, awaiting their surprise. The Indians gave them pieces of plates and scientists examined the drawings, made vegetable colors. Their surprise was shown that the sheets have at least 10,000, and may be up to 50,000 years. It means that the Hopi Indians have long known about things that have already happened, and of those that come.
The laws of the Great Spirit
At the beginning of the current cycle has come down to earth great spirit (probably thinking of someone from an alien race) and gathered all the people in one place – on the island, which is now under water. He divided mankind into four races and commanded them to break the four cardinal points. Each gave different initial learning. He argued that the time will come when the four race again come together, share knowledge gained and when the time comes to peace and building a great civilization. He promised that in due time each of the four races will donate two stone tablets with the law and predictions.

So it sounds like doomsday coming. Some people may be sceptical and need more evidence, but the fact that this tribe already knew the presence of Nibiru whereas we are still unaware or do not know much about it. How did this ancient tribe know about the future events when they had no technological instruments with them? Have they imparted the knowledge (warned) by the extra-terrestrial themselves when they visited earth in ancient times and were worshipped as Gods?